Vanguard Content Update Incoming with New Raids and Dungeon

SOE throws Vanguard: Saga of Heroes players a bone with a new content update that brings new raids and dungeon.

I know this one is a shocker. We donÂ’t often heart about the forgotten Vanguard: Saga of Heroes community, but it look like Sony Online Entertainment finally decided to give these loyal fans something new.

According to a post on the Vanguard forums, the new update is nearly ready to be added to the test server and includes new overland raid bosses, the City of Brass progressive dungeon with thirteen bosses with all new rewards, the removal of corpse recovery, a decreased leveling curve and increased loot drops. The update also includes the “Golden Path” feature, which will help guide players to ideal leveling areas with a fresh infusion of new rewards.

While it might not be on par with what most other subscription games offer, IÂ’m sure the Vanguard community is happy to finally see some new content floating their way.

Source: Vanguard Forums

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