Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Development Roadmap Outlined

The Vanguard team reveals their plans for future development, starting with a big performance update.

Believe it or not, the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes dev team has a development plan, and this week they offered up a roadmap on whatÂ’s in the works in a new update to the community. The good news is that theyÂ’re a bit ahead of schedule on the optimization update, so the performance improvements should be coming in a little earlier than expected. Previous estimates put the upgrades completion around the middle of 2014, but they should be making their way to players soon...ish.

And now for some bad news - the Cave of Wonders content is getting pushed back until these new improvements go through. The Cave of Wonder will be released over 4 separate updates and will take advantage of the new changes, so hopefully there will be few issues when it goes live. This includes the updates biggest addition, which will integrate crafting into the gear progression and later Diplomacy.

Longer term goals will include an expansion of the Mentor System with new Mentor Stones, which can be placed in the entrance of all dungeons, allowing players to optionally set their levels to be closer to that intended for the dungeon. This will be expanded more in the future to provide raid-equipped players the option of returning to older dungeons for a better challenge, and more. Read the full update for all the details on whatÂ’s in store for the future of Vanguard.

Source: Vanguard September Roadmap

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