In addition to being an all-around nice guy and fan favorite, Associate Producer Arend Stührmann is the man in charge of all things eclectic in EVE Online. From Serenity (EVE Online's China presence), to the Mac and Linux versions of the game (running with Transgaming's Cider and Cedega engines, respectively), to integrated Vivox voicechat in addition to his usual producer-ly duties, Arend is a busy guy.

Fortunately, he had ten minutes for the Ten Ton Hammer fans to discuss some of the latest breaking development, like when Mac & Linux fans might see the "premium graphics" which came into the game with the Trinity expansion. Arend goes on to discuss EVE's presence in China and then defends the player-awarded medals system (which he feels some players have razzed without real cause). Finally, he shares his excitement about the next development in voicechat: Vivox voice fonts, which will allow EVE Voice users to bend their vocal presence across time, age, and even in-game racial lines.


Ed. note - apologies for the volume on the questions. Arend does a great job of restating each question if you don't want to bump up the volume.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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