Crafting Designer Morten Byom, along with Product Manager Erling Ellingsen and Game Director Gaute Godager, show us harvesting and crafting for the first time in Age of Conan. The gents from Funcom explain the role of crafted goods in the item mix of Age of Conan, reveal rare weapon customization through gems and gem slots for the first time, and show how players will be able to carry around crafting components without a weight penalty and craft their goods anywhere in Hyborea.

Editor's note: All that said, this video's not for the mildly interested. I kept the (admittedly) lousy video stream at times in order to keep the audio, and the footage comes out a little raw because there's nothing in the way of b-roll for crafting yet. So, you pretty much get the director's cut, a full 17+ minutes of crafting exactly as we saw it, or tried to see it around the other people in the room.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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