Mark Jacobs returns this week to deliver another Kickstarter development update for Camelot Unchained. While most of the update consists of the hit and misses for this week’s milestones along with the goals for next week, Jacobs also served up a short (and rather creepy) animation test for Camelot Unchained’s Bean Sidhe Banshee race. You can see her in all her disturbing glory below. For the rest, head over to the Camelot Unchained website. Oh yeah, there is this other thing that Jacobs teased is coming soon.

"Speaking of harbingers, the next Becoming tale & art will be revealed soon. This is the story that some of you have seen me talk about on the forums. It is easily the darkest tale I’ve written so far and while I have toned it down quite a bit, it is still not meant for kids. It is dark, brutal and still manages to cross a few lines so if you like your “safe” fantasy, this will not be the tale for you. OTOH, if you want to read a very dark story that draws on, sadly, real world events for its inspiration, then this story may be for you."

Source: Camelot Unchained Update

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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