As one of the original arch-nemeses of Superman, DC fans know that Brainiac represents a enemy that even supervillains despise. His universe-destroying tendancies and ability to steal superpowers make him an absolute menace to heroes and villains alike.

And while the DC superheroes and supervillains have been fighting tooth and nail, Brainiac has been consolidating his power using "exogenes", a process which conveniently results in a rapid growth of superheroes and supervillains (i.e. DCUO players). But in true Sun Tzu fashion, Brainiac has successfully struck right when both sides had weakened themselves to the utmost.

In short, anyone who thought DCUO might be long on multiplayer brawler and short on DC storyline grit, check out the latest DC Universe Online trailer revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 and done by Blur Studio (the creators of many an awesome MMO and video game trailer, from SWTOR to WAR to Dragon Age: Origins).


So, bat-fans, is Lex Luther's trip backwards in time in his own best interest, or everyone's? Can Lex convince the League of Justice that heroes and villains must work together against Brainiac before its too late? Will the new influx of players be enough to hold the world together while the Society and Justice League contain the Brainiac menace? Tune in when DC Universe Online launches on November 2nd to find out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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