Just when you thought that we might have heard most of what Diablo III has to offer, Blizzard arrives with a new video to give players a look at those trust followers that help keep us alive. If you played Diablo II, you're familiar with the followers, often called minions, that you could hire and equip with gear throughout each stage. Each had their own benefits and weaknesses and came with a number of different focused powers. Some could melee, freeze or use fire attacks; others could provide auras to buff up your attacks or defense.

Diablo III takes the followers up a notch, weaving their story with yours and giving their reasons for accompanying you meaning. Players will have the choice to choose between the Templar, Kormac and a spear-wielding warrior. Check out the latest reveal to learn more about Diablo III followers and the new video after the break.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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