One way to make a lot of money fast in EVE Online is through trading taking advantage of price disparities between two markets. Traders who can accurately predict trends in market prices can naturally make a lot of money, making the annual FanFest economics panel and quarterly economic newsletters popular avenues of market info.

But for this year's EVE Online economics panel, Dr. Eyjólfur "EyjóG" Guðundsson, EVE Online's Lead Economist, schooled us on market info and much more. The focus of the panel was on the positive economic and performance effects of the ongoing "Unholy Rage" initiative. Unholy Rage has led to the banning of over 18,000 accounts for illicit RMT (Real Money Trade), a more balanced economy, and (most surprisingly) 15% less server-side CPU usage per user.

Complete with charts, graphs, and some interesting and entertaining commentary from one of the certifiable smarties in MMO development, check out this full length session video from EVE FanFest 2009:


Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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