In 1999 a little game called EverQuest was launched. At the time it was one of the few MMORPGs on the market, but many players became deeply involved with the game. So much so that it earned the nickname of EverCrack due to its devoted fan base. A lot has changed with EverQuest over its 13 years of operation. With 18 expansions adding massive amounts of content, EverQuest made the leap to free-to-play last month.

SOE has released new details about EverQuest’s successful transition to free-to-play today. According to a new press release, EverQuest has seen a 40% surge in concurrent usage, an increase in the in-game economy with a 125% increase in item sales and a 150% increase in unique user log-ins. The most popular race purchased among players has been the Dark Elves and Drakkin with the Necromancer and Shaman being the top purchased classes. Additionally, the most popular mount purchased is the Black Pegasus, also known as Onyx Skystrider. 

A new video takes a look back on the last 13 years and how EverQuest has evolved since then. Give it a look after the break.  

Source: SOE Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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