Lee Hammock has no illusions about Fallen Earth: "It's not for everyone," he noted in an interview at PAX 2009. But the bright side of making a nichey hardcore MMORPG (not MMOFPS, folks, this is not a shooter) with a relatively small independent developer is the comparatively low price tag. Lee noted that at "50,000 subscribers, the game is profitable, and at 100,000 subscribers, Fallen Earth is extremely profitable."

Flying in the face of conventional notions of MMO success, Lee explained that you don't need WoW numbers to deliver an MMO success. Developers need only create a game on a budget that its fans will more than support.

This was only one small aside in an extremely in-depth interview on Fallen Earth as the game closes in on launch less than two weeks away (on September 15th). Fallen Earth fans will want to come back later this week to find out all the changes in store for Sector 4, a few interesting hints regarding post-launch plans, and much more when we post our full-scale interview later this week.

For now, enjoy the fun new "Wand" and "3 B's" Fallen Earth trailers and the Fallen Earth screenshot gallery from PAX 2009!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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