For our first live in-game video look at Global Agenda, we met up with Executive Producer Todd Harris at PAX 2009 to see female character models for the first time, as well as the new Ravine and Seaside maps.

We'll also ask Todd about what the Hi Rez team learned from the first round of beta tests and see some of the changes in action with this new twelve minute in-game video from the floor at PAX 2009. Enjoy!


[Ed. note - The audio was taped in the thick of PAX 2009. Despite our best efforts to cut out the background noise, it's still not up to our standards. We did want to offer you our first new bit of in-game video in quite a while to show you the latest on Global Agenda, and we hope you enjoy the commentary from Todd Harris too.]

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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