Dealing with griefers, trolls and other unsavory characters can be a challenge in many games. But what if there was a tool that allowed the community to deal with these people themselves? League of Legends has found a way to do just that by giving players the power to judge and punish others.

Riot Games has added a new Tribunal system, which is still being tweaked and developed but is currently available in limited release. The way the system functions is by allowing players to report others for various reasons such as feeding, trolling and so on. If enough players report a certain person, that player is added to the Tribunal's list of cases.

Only players of at least level 30 can participate in the Tribunal judging. These players can review a case complaint and then examine evidence such as past games and chat logs. Once the Tribunal member has reviewed all of the evidence, they can decide to punish, pardon or pass on a case. If a majority of Tribunal members choose to punish a player for something like trolling, they will first be warned. But repeat offenders can face harsher punishments like a temporary and even permanent ban. Permanent bans are also reviewed by Riot Games staff before occurring.

Tribunal members can only review a certain number of cases per day and that can increase if they judge correct and fairly. Tribunal members also earn influence for participating in the judging system. This puts a huge amount of power into the hands of the players and if done correctly and monitored closely by Riot Games for abuse could certainly be a huge help to keeping the community troll population at a minimum.

What do you think of the player Tribunal system? Is it a good idea to put the power to judge in the hands of the players or is it a catastrophe waiting to happen? Check out the video and Tribunal FAQ (must be logged in to view) and tell us what you think below.

Source: League of Legends website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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