Flagship Studios
Has a New Baby

Mythos is a free-to-play MMORPG in development by
Flagship Studios, the makers of Hellgate: London.
It can be considered a mixture of World of Warcraft,
Diablo, and Guild Wars. Like Guild
players can meet and interact with other players in the town areas.
They can group with other players to traverse epic dungeons (like World
of Warcraft
), and the stat allocation is reminiscent of the Diablo
games. Our video showcases several aspects of game play:

  • character creation
  • the Gadgeteer in action
  • battling a named (Premium Members Only!)
  • a lightning trap (Premium Members Only!)
  • turning in a quest (Premium Members Only!)
  • identifying items (Premium Members Only!)
  • using a map to unlock a new area (Premium Members Only!)
  • level up (Premium Members Only!)
  • Vanity Cam
  • adding a friend and inviting to party
  • multiplayer boss battle

Check out the videos and tells us what you think:

  • target="_blank">Premium Member version (4:50)
  • target="_blank">Public version (2:37)
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016