NCsoft has just released a new video of their Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes. This video is only the first in a series to get your heroes, and vigilantes, excited for the new expansion. Watch in amazement, spandex wearing do-gooders!


Want to play a Lumberjack? Go find another game. Want to play a Super Lumberjack? Then the developers of City of Heroes Going Rogue have some behind-the-scenes documentaries explaining how to do exactly that.

Today we are releasing the first in a series of insightful Video Documentaries for City of Heroes Going Rogue. This video sets the stage for what players can expect to see in Going Rogue, giving fans an exclusive peek at what the developers are bringing to the game as well as the personal decisions that have inspired them in its creation. Additionally, fans of the City of Heroes Facebook Page can also look forward to the chance to ask the developers questions about the game during an ongoing Q&A session throughout the day taking place exclusively on the Facebook page. Simply leave a comment on the video and the devs will answer as many as they can.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016