One of TERA’s more unique features is its deep political system and En Masse Entertainment Producer Chris Hager has released a new video that offers a look at how players can rise to power through campaigning or combat in the action-based MMORPG.

TERA's political system allows players can choose to fight their way to power in some areas and earn the right to rule over lands as a Vanarch. But combat isn’t the only path to power, other players can take a more political approach and campaign for votes to be elected. Hager expects that TERA players will make use of many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to campaign.

Players that manage to achieve a position of power will have the option to directly influence the game by adjusting tax rates, opening specialty shops, enabling class trainers and many other things. But in order to add all these nifty benefits, leaders will need to spend policy points, which can be earned by completing Vanarch quests. And you'll need to do all of that and more if you want to keep your constituents happy and get re-elected.

If all that sounds interesting be sure to check out our preview of TERA’s political system and give the video a look after the break.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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