I haven't played Firefall in about a month and my trigger finger is getting itchy for some action. I'm slowly closing in on level 40 with my Nighthawk frame, so I'm going to try and finish that up tonight. I'm always down for some group play - so hit me up in game (I'm "Veluux" of course) and we can tackle some bigger missions together.

Planned schedule for the next several days:

Open-World Wednesday (today!)     9-11PM EDT: Firefall
5/29 Just For Fun                                   3-5PM EDT: League of Legends with TTH staffers Greg and Jeremy
5/29 Freeplay Friday                             4-6PM EDT: TBD

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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Alex has been playing online games and RPGs for quite some time, starting all the way back with Daggerfall, EverQuest, and Ultima Online. He's staying current with the latest games, picking up various titles and playing during his weekly streams on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings with both MMOs and MOBAs being feature plays. Hit him up on Twitter if you have a stream request for Freeplay Friday! Two future games he's got a keen eye on are Daybreak's EverQuest Next and Illfonic's Revival.