We’re less than two weeks into 2014 and it’s already shaping up to be a big year for Sony Online Entertainment. After kicking off the year with a bit of controversy, confusion, and finally some solid clarification on the upcoming subscription changes, SOE started making announcements for their 2014 MMOG plans. One of those came in the form of a new PlanetSide 2 video.

Earlier this week PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby (often referred to by some community members as the dev with the excellent hair), announced that the MMOFPS will start receiving weekly updates with the first of that new cadence coming next Wednesday. But today SOE also rolled out a new video from Robert Stoneman, the cinematic designer that put together PlanetSide 2’s War Correspondent video series.

The new video showcases the ongoing war for Auraxis with plenty of gameplay video and tops it off with some interesting statistics for 2013, a few of which include over 6 million players worldwide, 110 billion bullets fired, 94 million hours played, over 1.05 billion kills, and a challenge for players to top it in 2014, something that should be all the easier given that they’ll have a full year to do it along with the added fire support of the PlayStation 4 when it launches on the platform later this year.

Source: SOE Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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