As players we often hunt down all manner of beasts, creatures, and demons in games like RaiderZ. Sure it’s fun for us, but what about that unfortunate mob that we beat down unmercifully, strip of all its loot (and sometimes its skin depending on your tradeskill) just to come back a short while later and do it all over again? He’s probably not having a very good time now is he?

The latest RaiderZ video shines a light on the often overlooked tormented existence of those we take for granted – the boss mob. Check out the sad story of immortality, eternal suffering and torment that just one of these creatures has to endure for our never-ending thirst for power and phat lewt.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

About The Author

Stacy "Martuk" Jones was a long-time news editor and community manager for many of our previous game sites, such as Age of Conan. Stacy has since moved on to become a masked super hero, battling demons in another dimension.