Trion Worlds is adding another new handy feature to RIFT with the new Instant Adventure feature. The new Instant Adventure option will allow players to teleport to the high level zones of Stillmoore and Shimmersand to face new challenges that will be scaled to fit their party size.

Trion Worlds today introduces “Instant Adventure,” a new feature that allows Rift™ players to immediately team up with fellow Ascended, complete group quests, and get awesome rewards with the click of a button. The new “Instant Adventure” button teleports players to Stillmoor or Shimmersand where challenges scaled to party size await. One minute you could be purging a nest of cultists with a small group … the next you’re fighting alongside dozens of players in a massive raid against the Blood Storm’s mightiest forces.

To give players a look at what’s new with the Instant Adventure feature, Trion Worlds has released a new RIFT developer diary video that shows how quickly players can find a new adventure by simply clicking a button.

Source: Trion Worlds Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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