In its latest reveal, developer Allods shows off the Berserker class in Skyforge. The Berserker is a rage-based warrior, available to be unlocked later on in the game. While the rule for warriors in Aelion is that they should never lose control, a small fraction of them have learned to not only give into the rage, but to hone it to the best of their abilities. The result is the Berserker class: a melee expert who, instead of trying to sneak around and avoid the enemy, head into battle, sword at the ready, before thinking. As a bonus, Berserkers also get a ridiculously large saw-sword. Who doesn't want a ridiculously large saw-sword?

Berkserkers have a pretty neat mechanic, where they start off and are kind of these big, dumb, sort of weak meatheads. Then, they enter combat, and feed off their rage, becoming stronger with each attack, leaving you playing just a big meathead. An enraged Berserker can call forth Gladiator form, a fiery form that consumes the Berserker in even ragier rage to rage at everything around you. Not only do Berserkers have access to fire, more fire, and a fiery form, but they also have a good amount of enemy control through stuns, fear, and knock backs. They also have a giant leap that will put them right in the center of a fight. Oh, and while fighting, they can even do things like reflect damage and restore health. It's no wonder that Berserkers aren't accessible until later on in the game, given how much of an unstoppable force they seem to be. The best part about Gladiator mode (at least from watching the video) is where you can take your chainsaw sword thing and grind it into your enemies.

While Allods gives us a nice list of Berserker abilities, I'm not sure where in that list is the “leap onto enemy and grind enormous chainsaw sword thing into enemy's face” but it's in the video, and since it's on the internet, it must be true. Maybe I just like the gore, but I keep rewatching that part. It's pretty fun. It could also be that I've recently rekindled my love of tanking, so I think playing a Berserker could be plenty of fun. It definitely looks like my favorite revealed class so far. Berserkers have access to not just powerful attacks, but powerful combos, as well. Looking at the list of their attacks, it reminds me of learning to play Mortal Kombat in the early 90s. Instead of joystick and button combos, you'll call up a variety of left and right mouse button clicks to command your Berserker into using brute force to beat your enemies to submission.

Don't worry, though – it's not all Mortal Kombat style combos. Berserkers have access to a great deal of abilities without remembering how many lefts and rights are needed to get there. Tornado, Flash of Rage and Battle Frenzy are non-core Berserker abilities that can be utilized when necessary and ready. The last of these is the ultimate ability for Berserkers, Gladiator. As a Gladiator, however, Berserkers do not have access to core and non-core abilities. Gladiators have access to only one skill, a skill that works both as a powerful crushing blow or a leap that allows for covering ground on fleeing enemies. Whether as Berserker or Gladiator, the class is a force to be reckoned with, and one I'm sure that will be sought out by players and Gods all across Aelion.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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