Undead Labs has yet to set a date for their upcoming State of Decay: Breakdown DLC. But an accidental post last week let the trailer be posted for a short time. And as it often is with the Internet, once something is loose in the wild, it’s only a matter of time before it starts circulating at full speed. Earlier today the trailer was posted to DMentMan’s YouTube page and Undead Labs has pretty much given it the go-ahead. Enjoy!

State of Decay’s Breakdown DLC will add a new gameplay survival mode, allowing players to focus on base building and surviving the zombie apocalypse without the need to be bothered with the story. Throughout Breakdown, players will need to find an RV to repair and move to the next level of the map. While the map stays the same the difficulty ramps up with each new level, making the zombies more aggressive and survival less likely. And with each move you can only take a limited number of survivors, making your decisions carry a bit more weight.

State of Decay serves as the introduction to what Undead Labs hopes will be their project currently codenamed Class4, which is planned to be a persistent online virtual world. While it’s pretty much in description an MMOG, Undead Labs is distancing itself from that term to avoid common misconceptions associated with it for the project.

State of Decay: Breakdown currently has no release date. But according to Undead Labs it's pretty much done. So once a few final tweaks are made, we should be seeing it hit both Xbox 360 and PC sometime soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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