Funcom's upcoming modern day MMOG The Secret World
is making a
lot of noise in the gaming world, and the company is looking to crank
it up to 11 with some exciting reveals. Yesterday a new website for the
fictional town of target="_blank">Kingsmouth
was unveiled and today Ten Ton Hammer brings you the new video
detailing the frightening situation as it unfolded in this unfortunate

From the official press release:

Durham, USA – February 2nd, 2010 –
Funcom is proud to reveal the first ever in-game footage from the
highly anticipated modern-day massively multiplayer game ‘The Secret
World’. The location footage consists of grainy and distorted black and
white shots that give a unique and mysterious glimpse into the town of
Kingsmouth – one of the many locations from all over the real world to
be featured ‘The Secret World’. In the game, as the video shows,
horrific events have befallen the sleepy New England town.

Click here for the target="_blank">video.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016