Ten minutes of sexy raiding. Nice.

If you're curious what the Ancient Port Warehouse in Vanguard looks like but you have no intention of putting the time in to get there, you'll want to check out this cool fan-made video of the entrance wing.

Posted this in our server forums, but wanted to post it here to share it with everyone. I havent seen very many vanguard video's made, and would like to see more made in the future. This is a video that showcases all 4 boss mobs in the entrance wing of APW, plus some additional named mobs and trash mobs. Its a little long at 10min 10sec, so grab a coke. This is probably the first video showing some of these mobs, to my knowledge. Hope you enjoy.

You can download or watch it here.

[Via IGN]

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016