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Let's hope the Lag faction stays out of this one.

New details about Snail Games upcoming Black Gold Online MMORPG have been slowly flowing out over the last few weeks with the recent reveal of the Assassin and Blademaster classes as well as near monthly Reddit Q&As from the devs. And while Black Gold may have one of the odder business models ever conceived for an MMORPG, the game continues to be visually impressive with its meshed steampunk fantasy setting.

This week Snail Games revealed a new Avatar-esque video to showcase the massive PvP featured in Black Gold. The video, which seems very Avatar-inspired, includes a massive PvP battle where two factions, The Kingdom of Isenhorst (Steampunk Faction) and The Erlandir Union (Fantasy Faction), meet in an all out war. The two game factions in the video bring everything to bear on the other with arsenals of mechs, flying aircraft, flying beasts, bowmen, gunmen, and an assortment of other things that go boom.

Black Gold Online
is expected to begin its first North American closed beta phase in Q1 2014. You can head over to the Black Gold website to sign up for future updates on the upcoming beta now.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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