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Get ready for the fastest history lesson on the PlayStation ever given.

Sony's PlayStation 4 officially launched today, hailing the official launch for the next generation of console gaming. But have you ever wondered what led to the creation of the PlayStation, and how Nintendo was involved in it's inevitable rise to power? Today's video is all about telling that little story in a really fast way. So pay attention.

If you know your gaming history, you are likely familiar with the fact that the original PlayStation first began as a planned CD extension of the Super Nintendo console. That, however, didn’t pan out, and the agreement between Nintendo and Sony quickly dissolved, leading Sony to strike out on their own to create what became the first PlayStation console. The entire story behind that is enough to fill a chapter of a text book (I know because I’ve read it). Luckily, today’s video gives you the short version courtesy of Dodger, one of YouTube’s better known personalities and made popular by her various gaming videos as well as her “Lore in a Minute” video series, which manages to cram a rather detailed amount of lore into roughly a one-minute video.

What’s your console choice this generation? Will you be grabbing the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, or sticking with your trusty PC?

If you enjoyed the video, be sure to check out Dodger’s Press Heart to Continue YouTube channel as well as more of her lore videos.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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