Video of the Day: 20 of the Dumbest Things Ever Said About Video Games

We’ve all heard pundits and politicians say some really stupid things about gaming, but some of them go that extra special mile.
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Be very afraid.

Think of the dumbest thing that youÂ’ve ever heard someone say about video games. Take that, embrace it, and then realize that there are far stupider things that have been said. Over the years, IÂ’ve probably heard, read, or wrote about them all at some point. But it earns a special /facepalm when you put some of the epically dumb ones together in one long stream, and thatÂ’s what YouTuber Andrew Eisen did in our video feature today.

If youÂ’ve been around the gaming scene for a while, you just may recognize some of these quotes from names like Jack Thompson, a disbarred lawyer famous for his misguided attempts to blame every act of violence he came across on Grand Theft Auto and the gaming industry, several grandstanding politicians, therapists that equate a video game high to sniffing a line of cocaine, and an assortment of other amusing individuals that no one should take seriously...ever.

While EisenÂ’s presentation of the quotes are somewhat amusing, you may feel that you're losing IQ points with each passing quote, along with any remaining hope that you might have left for humanity. Enjoy! And be amazed.

You may think that those are so stupid that he had to make them up Sadly, that's not the case, especially since I remember most of them myself, and Eisen was even kind enough to include a list of links to the quotes for those that want to follow up.

So who was your favorite bastion of informed quotable knowledge? I was quite fond of The Sims 2 and Mass Effect delusions. Tell us yours below.

You can see more of Andrew EisenÂ’s work on his YouTube channel, assuming YouTube hasnÂ’t nuked him in their recent crackdown too.

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