Video of the Day: EQNL’s Little Shop of Horrors

SOE reveals a new creature straight out of Little Shop of Horrors in its latest Building Blocks video for EverQuest Next: Landmark.
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SOE calls it the Chomper, but I think Seymour Krelborn may want his plant back. The Chomper was revealed near the end of last night’s EverQuest Next: Landmark livestream on Twitch, which offered an extensive look at claims and ended with today's little video, which SOE put together to prove that there are, in fact, dangerous things that will threaten players in Landmark.

The Chomper itself is a fantastic looking creature, but also a familiar one for those of you acquainted with a classic little movie by the name of Little Shop of Horrors. As I was speaking with our EQHammer mistress, Shayalyn, earlier today, she could only think of one thing while looking at the massive plant creature – “Feed me, Seymour

Now if Landmark's Chomper starts singing, I’m afraid that I’m done. Someone out there will need to send a medic. Tell them to bring oxygen.

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