Video of the Day: Things We Do in Games Are Creepy in Real Life

The strange things that we do in video games get even stranger when done in real life.
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ThereÂ’s a right time and a wrong time for a walk-through.

Pick any of your favorite games and then take some of those mechanics, quests, and features, put them all together and then try to imagine what it would be like if you saw them happening in real life. If all of that sounds like ridiculous madness of insane proportions just wait until you see todayÂ’s video.

BuzzFeed has put together a series of things that we commonly do in video games such as skipping dialogue, searching for currency hidden in objects, and even pulling a Solid Snake and sneaking around in a box. But instead of doing it the game, these guys do it in real life. The result is quite comical.

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