Video of the Day: Santa Brawls

A group of angry Santas collide on a New York street corner to deliver some season’s beatings.
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Well, there’s something you don’t see every day.

Last week SantaCon came to New York, but what you would expect to be a gathering of old Saint Nicks took a bit of a different turn later in the evening when a group of jolly red warriors collided at a street corner in New York. While it’s unclear what exactly led up to the meeting, what followed was the Santa Clause equivalent of the Royal Rumble. And thanks to Shayalyn’s quick catch, this one lands on our must-see video for today.

Be warned – this video includes Santa on Santa violence, foul language, and a few sucker punches. What more can I really say than that?

So that just happened. Let us know what you think about the Santa on Santa action below and hit me up at the info below if you have a video that you think would make a good feature.

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