Video of the Day: The Strangely Prophetic Super Bowl Parody

Super Bowl XLVIII didn’t exactly turn out the way Denver fans had hoped, making today’s parody video strangely prophetic.
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That was disturbingly accurate.

If you were watching Super Bowl XLVIII last night you were treated to the rather unmerciful beating of the Denver Broncos at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. No one really expected the game to be as one-sided as it turned out to be with Seattle simply steamrolling Denver in a 43-8 victory. Well, almost no one.

So why are we revisiting this bit of Football history? To set the stage for todayÂ’s video, one that emerged last week in attempt to deliver a bit of light-hearted comedy leading up to last night's big game. In an odd twist, it's managed to become inadvertently prophetic.

To Denver fans, I apologize for the additional salt in the wound. To the rest, enjoy the video.

IÂ’m sure that we can expect more parodies and jabs in the coming days. But for now IÂ’ll leave you with just one more from EA Sports Madden, who tweeted this little jab during last nightÂ’s incident.

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