Warhammer Online Offering Free Server Transfers, Retiring Two More Servers

By Stacy Jones -
Warhammer Online servers Gorfang (NA) and Karak Azgal (EU) are going the way of the dodo. Starting December 14th, the two servers will be marked as Legacy servers to prevent the creation of new characters and players with existing characters on those servers will be able to transfer to their new destination servers for free.

For Gorfang, players can transfer to Badlands. Karak Azgal will move to Karak Norn. Three weeks later, the two servers will join the ranks of the other retired Warhammer Online servers. At the end of the three week period, players that haven’t moved voluntarily will need to either transfer to the free server or pay to move to a different one to access their characters.

Players are urged to take advantage of the free transfer window to make a smooth character and guild transition to their new homes.

Source: Warhammer Online Herald

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