Has Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online Finally Been Canned?

The fate of Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online takes a twist that confuses even THQ about its future.

The road to development of Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online (DMO) has been a rather bumpy one thatÂ’s seen the game stuck in a seemingly endless development cycle of a confusing and unclear future. Financial woes at THQ have already seen the slow development of the game even shift direction from an MMOG to a smaller scale single player game with multiplayer elements. Following that last announcement, the devs over at Vigil have been virtually mum on the future of the game, at least, until today when things got even more confusing.

Speaking with Kotaku, a THQ representative added another layer of bafflement onto the future of DMO. From the response it sounds like you could almost assume that the game has been scrapped and a new...something will be announced at some point...maybe. Yeah, thatÂ’s about how that response will leave you feeling by the end. To KotakuÂ’s Jason Schreier credit, he did try multiple times to clarify the confusion that was THQ's answers, but the endeavor only provided more confusing jargon from the rep. By that I mean the unclear response of an either ceased development with a future return or an outright cancellation.

Contrary to the announcement by THQ CEO Brian Farrell that DMO had shifted its development focus back in March, the representative confirmed to Kotaku that the development had actually ceased at that time, and that, as best that I can translate the response, Vigil has a new project that it hasnÂ’t announced yet in the works.

So to recap:

  • Development on DMO has at the least ceased and may have even been completely cancelled. It's unclear which.
  • Vigil has a new project that has not been announced
  • We donÂ’t know if said project relates to a new Warhammer game, DMO or something completely different

I'm sure glad we cleared that up. (/sarcasm off) I canÂ’t say that IÂ’m entirely surprised that even THQ doesnÂ’t seem to know whatÂ’s up with DMO at the moment. Stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you with any new details about DMO or VigilÂ’s new project as they become available.

Source: Kotaku

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