WildStar Wednesday Teaches Metal Maw to Walk

WildStar Wednesday revisits the next phase of Metal Maw’s development and shows us how the character is given movement.

ItÂ’s Wednesday once again and that means itÂ’s time for another WildStar update from the Carbine Studios team in a new WildStar Wednesday. This week Senior Animator Seth Kendall takes us through the next phase of Metal MawÂ’s development by rigging the characterÂ’s walking cycle.

In part 1, Kendall takes fans through the first three steps of giving Metal Maw the ability to walk in-game. The blog comes with three new videos as Metal Maw proceeds through the various steps and shows how each one adds a little more life to our old friend.

IÂ’ve included the first video embed from the blog below for your viewing pleasure. Check out the full WildStar Wednesday to see how this evolves.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Metal Maw – Walking Cycle

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