Age of Wushu: Legends of Mount Hua Expansion Launching August 8th

Snail Games dates Age of Wushu’s first expansion and reveals new Jianghu Status System screenshots.

The MMORPG sector of gaming isn’t missing a step this summer. With plenty of content already on the horizon, Age of Wushu chimed in today to add yet another bit of content to a summer schedule that seems to be getting more crowded with each passing day.

Snail Games today announced the official launch date for the first Age of Wushu expansion, Legends of Mount Hua. The expansion, which contains 5 new storyline missions in the Yanman Pass instance, faction challenges, several new systems, the Mount Hua PvP Competition, and the MOBA-style level 80+ Sixteen Prefectures Battle Arena. All that and more is headed your way when the expansion launches on August 8th, 2013.

Visit the Legends of Mount Hua expansion page for more details and check out the new screenshots below for a peek at the Jianghu Status System.

Source: Snail Games Press Release

Age-of-Wushu-Jianghu_Status_2 Age-of-Wushu-Jianghu_Status_1 Age-of-Wushu-Jianghu_Status_3
Age-of-Wushu-Jianghu_Status_4 Age-of-Wushu-Jianghu-XP

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