World Bosses Coming to AoC December 25th

By Stacy Jones -

Age of ConanÂ’s (AoC) realm of Hyboria isnÂ’t renowned for its Christmas holiday celebration, but it will be getting a present just in time for the holidays. YesterdayÂ’s update enabled the new World Boss event, which Game Director Joel Bylos touched on in his latest Game DirectorÂ’s Letter. In short, the new World Boss event will add 12 new world bosses over a yearly cycle, the first of which will be making its debut on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013. After the first boss spawns, FuncomÂ’s current plans are to reveal a new boss on the first Wednesday of every month, the next of which will be on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014. So a double holiday debut whammy.

In addition to that little feature, the latest update also made a number of tweaks to several dungeons that include the Iron Tower, Caravan RaiderÂ’s Hideout, Scorpion Caves, and the Temple of Erlik. Additionally, the update also adjusted the White Sands to allow characters of any level access and made a few other fixes. You can read the official patch notes for the entire rundown.

Source: AoC 4.1.5 Patch Notes

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