GamersFirst Clarifies Recent Layoff Rumors

Yesterday rumors of GamersFirst layoffs began to circulate the Internet and APB's TechMech has posted an update to provide some clarity.

Yesterday we learned that APB: Reloaded producer Jon- Enée Merriex, known as Neume to APB fans, had departed the company. Naturally speculation soon followed and one tip to Massively even indicated that there were up to 32 layoffs that included the GamersFirst CFO.

To help clear up the rumors, TechMech recently took to the APB: Reloaded forums to explain that only 4 people from the APB: Reloaded US publishing team are no longer with the company and 2 of those spots have since been filled. So in total, the APB: Reloaded US publishing team is only down by two members.

Due to 'rumors' from a 'tipsters' at Massively, I want to make sure everyone are completely clear on what changes have been done at APB/GamersFirst/Reloaded today (and still pending an official release from powers that be).

As of today 4 people are no longer with the APB US Publishing team. 2 NEW people have been ADDED to the APB US Publishing team (at the same time). In net there are 2 fewer fulltime people on the US staff for APB.

NO changes have been made to the APB development team, nor to APB the Service teams outside of California, and in fact the services teams outside California will be expanded over the next several weeks.


Source: APB: Reloaded Forums
Original Story: Rumor: Layoffs Hit GamersFirst

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