GamersFirst Updates on APB Reloaded DDoS Attacks

GamersFirst updates players on recent DDoS attacks and their ongoing efforts to mitigate its impact on APB: Reloaded's gameplay.

Like some other games in recent weeks, GamersFirst’s APB: Reloaded has also been the victim of DDoS attacks. Over the last few weeks, players may have noticed an impact on their gameplay experience resulting from the attacks. Part of that came by way of the attacks themselves while the other came as a result of GamersFirst’s efforts to mitigate the attacks.

GamersFirst will be making some changes in the next few APB patches that should fix some of the performance issues being exploited in the game’s code. In the meantime, if you have an APB: Reloaded account and logged into the game between January 1st and January 23rd, GamersFirst will be sending you 10 free days of Premium game access time to make up for the recent issues.

Source: APB: Reloaded Blog

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