New Clothing Options and Vehicles Coming in Next APB: Reloaded Update

By Stacy Jones -

APB: Reloaded has had its share of problems since being resurrected, but one thing the game has always had over many of its competitors is one of the best customization systems around. In the gameÂ’s next update, APB: Reloaded will be getting a new set of outfits to help further customize a playerÂ’s character to their own preference. In addition, female characters will finally be getting some love (no pun intended) with the update of some of the clothing items previously available only for male characters.

The big portion of the update will bring new vehicles to the game with the Bishada Kissaki and Bishada Mako. Check out the image below for a peek and read the full blog for more.

Source: APB: Reloaded Blog


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