Dynamic Duos: Tank + Healer

By Ralsu

16, 2007

This week, I am interested to hear about which combinations you think
make the best duo. I've played in duos quite a bit in style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard due to my hectic
schedule, so I'll share some of my opinions, too. I will divide them
into a couple of categories that I see as the basis for most duos
involving a tank and a healer and offer my take on them. I am focusing
only on tank/healer combos this time. If you don't understand a term or
abbreviation I use here, please check our href="">Game
Terms 101.

The combination of tank + healer is pretty common. The logic behind it
stems from the fact that a good healer and a good tank are always hard
to find. Picking them as a duo ensures you never have to find them.
This duo has one player designed to soak up all of the damage
and one designed to heal it. It falls short in dealing damage, however.

Warrior + Shaman

The beauty of this duo is the chance to deal more damage than other
tank/healer combos. The Warrior is regarded as the best melee tank. The
Shaman can either provide melee buffs (Rakurr or Tuurgin) or spell
damage (Hayatet). Additionally, the Shaman's pet can be an off-tank
(Tuurgin), a DoT (Rakurr) or a weak DPS (Hayatet). The Warrior can dual
wield on yard trash for faster kills or can strap on a shield for the
heavy hitters.


  • High damage potential
    among tank + healer combos
  • Shaman pet either adds damage or a
    security blanket
  • Shaman can buff the tank for damage or nuke to add damage
    depending on
    choice of patron


  • Can be low on magical
    damage depending on Shaman's choice of patron
  • Shamans cannot take hits as well as
  • Warrior is completely reliant on Shaman for heals

Dread Knight + Blood Mage

This duo is another attempt to increase damage. Dread Knights can deal
some blast damage via skills and can just generally weaken mobs with
Dreadful Countenance. Blood Mages are the hybrid offspring of arcane
casters and pure healers. They can hit mobs with DoTs, leech their HP,
and funnel health to the Dread Knight with more than just energy.
Furthermore, Blood Mages can create a variety of buffs by harvesting
components from their enemies to make symbiotes. You can check out our href="">Blood
Mage Guide to Symbiotes for more information.


  • In long fights or fights
    with adds, Dreadful Countenance weakens tougher mobs
  • Blood Mage can create symbiotes to suit the
    needs of the duo
  • Blood Mage can dish out damage when played correctly.


  • Blood Mages cannot take
    hits as well as Clerics, Disciples, or Shamans.
  • Dread Knight is mostly reliant on
    Blood Mage for heals
  • Blood Mage is harder to learn to play well than a pure healer

Paladin + Disciple

I mostly see this duo near Ca'ial Brael in raki form. I haven't tried
personally, but the concept is that the Paladin has emergency heals and
great skills to boost mitigation and wear down enemies. The Disciple
can heal through both energy and Jin, giving the duo more options.
Plus, the melee output of the Disciple helps kills go faster. Finally,
the Disciple's Feign Death ability prevents a wipe on a bad pull in
many cases.


  • Heals can come from Jin
    and energy
  • Disciples can add decent melee damage
    if built properly
  • Paladins have emergency heals


  • Low on magical damage
  • Disciples cannot take hits as well as
    Clerics or Shamans with shields
  • Paladin damage is lower than Dread Knights or Warriors

Any Tank + Cleric

I hesitate to use the word "overpowered," but Clerics are still pretty
powerful in Vanguard. They
wear plate, allowing them to take hits pretty well. They can deal melee
damage and debuff mobs. On top of that, they have ways of regaining
energy in combat. The theory is that this duo can take on pairs of mobs
or not fear adds because of the Cleric's ability to survive damage.
Additionally, the tank can use gear and skills more suited for damage
output with the knowledge that a temporary loss of aggro won't cost the
healer his or her life. Finally, the Cleric can choose an Affinity that
best suits the play style of the players in the duo. See our href="">Guide
to Cleric Affinities for more details.


  • Clerics take hits better
    than any other healer
  • Adds are not as dangerous
  • Cleric Affinities add some versatility to the mix


  • Cleric and tank may argue over armor loot
  • Durability of the Cleric may create a false sense of security
  • Cleric may be the most boring of the healers in style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard

Now it's your turn. Tell us which
duo is best!
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Which tank + healer combo is the most powerful?

  • Warrior + Shaman
  • Dread Knight + Blood Mage
  • Paladin + Disciple
  • Any tank + Cleric
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016