Dynamic Duos: Tank + Offensive

By Ralsu

24, 2007

This week, I continue my
exploration of which combinations you think make the best duo. I've
played in duos quite a bit in Vanguard due to my hectic schedule, so
I'll share some of my opinions, too. I will divide them into a couple
of categories that I see as the basis for most duos involving a tank
and an offensive fighter and offer my take on them. I am focusing only on
tank/offensive fighter combos this time. If you don't understand a term
or abbreviation I use here, please check our href="">Game
Terms 101.

The combination of tank + offensive fighter is moderately common. The
logic behind it stems from the fact that the tank can take the hits while
the offensive fighter dishes out the damage. Picking this duo also
ensures you have that hard-to-find tank when you get ready to form a
group. Clearly, the shortcoming of this duo is the inability to heal.

Dread Knight as Tank

This duo is an attempt to
increase damage. Dread Knights can deal some blast damage via skills
and can just generally weaken mobs with Dreadful Countenance. The duo
gets the safety net of having a true tank, but the tank can also deal
some damage.


  • In long fights or fights
    with adds, Dreadful Countenance weakens tougher mobs
  • Greater damage potential from
    the tank compared to Paladins


  • Tank has only minimal heals from life taps
  • Faction grind for being "evil"

Paladin as Tank

A duo featuring a Paladin has a tank that can heal. He can also perform
minor buffs and debuffs. He has a tiny repertoire of spiritual-based
magic, but it's not much.


  • Tank can heal

  • Paladin has a few buffs to
    benefit the offensive fighter


  • Low on magical damage
  • Paladin does less melee damage than Warrior and less magical
    damage than Dread Knight

Warrior as Tank

Warriors bring a lot of melee damage potential to a duo, but they can
still shift to Defensive Stance to soak up hits and keep aggro.
Warriors also have battle commands and shouts that can buff the
offensive fighter.


  • Greatest melee damage
    potential among tanks

  • Ability to grant short-term
    buffs to the offensive fighter


  • Low on magical damage
  • Tank has no heals

align="left">Bard as Offensive Fighter

The benefits of choosing a Bard are many. Bards give movement buffs in
the form of run speed, levitation, and underwater breathing. They can
craft songs to up resistances or increase damage. They have crowd
control skills, and they take hits fairly well.


  • Bard can customize songs to
    fit the enemy

  • Crowd control


  • Lower melee damage potential than Ranger (and likely the lowest
    among all offensive fighters)
  • Power of buffs may be diminished without a full group to benefit

Monk as Offensive Fighter

The Monk has potential for a lot of raw damage. Monks also enjoy
versatility in the three fighting styles (Dragon, Drunken, and
Harmonious). Check out the href="">Monk
Class Guide for links to skills for each of the fighting styles.
Most often, Monks are lauded for their ability to off-tank. This means
adds are not nearly as devastating to a duo.


  • Monk can heal himself

  • High melee potential from Monk


  • No heals for tank from Monk
  • Lacks the versatility of the Bard

Ranger as Offensive Fighter

It was common knowledge during beta that style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard mastermind Brad McQuaid
heavily favored the Ranger. In fact, his alter ego, Aradune, was a
Ranger. Knowing that, it should be no surprise that the Ranger can mete
out some serious pain. The Ranger can also stalk, making it easier to
drag tombstones.


  • Highest melee potential among
    offensive fighters

  • Stalk to recover tombstones
    and scout


  • No way to deal with adds
  • Lacks the versatility of the Bard

Rogue as Offensive Fighter

The Rogue is probably a misunderstood class in style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard. Played correctly, it can
bring the pain, but many players lack the patience to master the
poisons. Rogues are the masters of stealth and stalking, so they are
terrific scouts and corpse retrievers.


  • Creative ways to deal damage
    with poisons

  • Stalk to recover tombstones
    and scout


  • Few people know how to play a Rogue well
  • Lacks the versatility of the Bard

Now it's your turn. Tell us which
duo is best!
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What is the key to making the most powerful tank + offensive fighter

  • Choose Dread Knight as the tank
  • Pick Paladin for the tank
  • Warrior as tank
  • Use a Bard for the offensive fighter
  • Get a Monk for the offensive fighter
  • Take the Ranger as the offensive fighter
  • Select a Rogue for the offensive fighter
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