In the World of Warcraft there are about as many different ways to play the game as there are players. There are players that raid, players that PVP, players that craft and gather, players that fish, players that quest, and innumerable other players as well.  Different things keep different players happy and busy in the game.

One very common type of player are those that log on to do their dailies every day.  I personally know many of these.  Some are so compulsive that just cannot do anything else until they have done their daily quests.  There are many different daily quests available to complete in the game currently including ones for fishing, cooking, faction based for reputation, PVP quests, even instance and raid quests.  All of these go a long way to keeping players busy in the game.

Over time the number of daily quests in the game has climbed dramatically.  Initially there was no limit, but there were very few in the game so you could only do a few each day. Then more were added and a limit of 10 was set, then it went to 25.  At 25 it is currently very easy to max out and have more quests that you could do, but you have already hit the limit. 

For example if you are fresh to level 85 and want to grind your way through the Firelands daily quests to get some items from the vendors that get unlocked by the time you have all the quests open you are pretty close to 20 quests per day just for that.  That leaves you only 5 or so that you can do for anything else each day.

Players have complained over the limit in the past, and it appears that Blizzard is listening.

Current plan is to remove the daily quest cap completely for ship. Just like what you see in the beta now. We literally have 100's of daily quests at level 90 and we want to make sure that players can pick and choose what they want to do.

Let’s start off with two things… Wow and thank you.

This change means that there are a lot of players out there that will now feel they can log on and do what they want to, for whatever period of time they want to do it for.  Players that liked doing dailies currently can quickly run into the limit each day and feel that their play time was over for the day unless they went and did the same quests on another character.  While I wouldn’t want to just do daily quests for hours on end every day, there are those that do, and the limit really hurts their play style.

For myself, I like the fact that once I am level 90, if there is no one on in the guild, or I feel like doing something other than instances, I can just mindlessly quest doing dailies for a while.

Are we just looking at more Faction Grinds?

Many times in the past daily quests have simply been there as a way to grind rep with factions, and that is still the one of the main reason for many of the dailies coming in Mists of Pandaria.  However, there are so many different factions in the expansion, that it should give us all lots of variety as we do a whole lot of dailies for one faction for a while, then a different faction another day (or later the same day), and rinse and repeat through many different quests and areas.

When Blizzard had to design dailies around having a hard carp, I believe it made it difficult to put a lot of variety or options in for the quests.  If they put too many quests for one faction in, then players would feel cheated that they had to just focus on one faction at a time, and could not get ahead faster if they had extra time to work on another faction. 

Having no limit allows Blizzard to create far more quests for each faction, and keep them varied, so that you can do the ones you like, and skip the ones you don’t. Having no limit also allows players to focus on more that one factions reputation at a time if they wish. 

Don’t worry though, the dailies are not all for grinding faction.  There are ones for professions, profit, rewards, and more.

100’s available does not mean every one each day

One thing to read carefully in Blizzards statement is the exact wording. 

We literally have 100's of daily quests at level 90 and we want to make sure that players can pick and choose what they want to do.

Realize that it says you can pick what you want to do, and that 100’s are available.  It has been discussed around the forums since this was announced that players should realize that different quests out of the 100’s to choose from could be available each day.  Meaning that even if Blizzard creates 500 daily quests, that only a fraction might be available each day, maybe 50, maybe 100, maybe 200, who knows.

This is so that when you visit a factions area or a daily quest hub each day, it may not be the same quests you did the previous day.  This could be done in several ways. 

The first is that each faction might have a pool of 50 daily quests and offer up 10 each day for completion.  For example one day they may need quests done to drive off raiders in the area and provide fish and herbs for supplies.  The next day they may need a distant camp raided and meat from certain animals gathered.  Each day they would have something to do, but it would change.

The second is that as you earn reputation with a faction, or as you have done more quests at a quest hug, the game could offer either additional or different daily quests to do.  So that when you first start they have 3 or 4 daily quests, and after a while 2 of those go away and you get 4 new ones for a total of 6 each day, later on 4 of those go away but you get 10 new ones.  This would be very similar to the way the Firelands daily quest chains worked.  I believe it was one of the best-done daily quest systems that Blizzard has released yet, and would be thrilled if it was duplicated.

 A new reward for daily quests

Traditionally there have been two main reasons to do daily quests, besides just as something to do.  They have been to ultimately earn rewards (either through token systems, or faction gain to open items for sale at a vendor) and to earn gold.

When Mists of Pandaria launches there will be another reward available as discussed here:

Daily quests are included as one of the new ways to earn valor in MoP. We don't expect many people will choose to cap their valor just by doing daily quests, but that is an option if you really like them. We expect to have around 50 dailys available from all the factions every day.Like I mentioned before, those 50 would be randomly chosen from a much larger total pool of quests. This helps keep things feeling fresh for a long time.

That’s right, you will be able to earn Valor points by doing daily quests. While not technically a new reward, since it is essentially a token system to earn items, it is significant.
What it means is that by doing daily quests, players will be able to earn the same rewards that players that do instances and raids can earn.  This will make those players extremely happy as they have always complained that they were left out of the best gear by not being able to raid.

While they will be happy, and I can get why, I still don’t understand why they would need the best gear out there if they are doing simple daily content.  Sure it makes it easier and sure your character is therefore still improving, but really it isn’t needed.  That’s a whole other story though, so I will drop it for now.

I think it is enough to admit that everyone loves getting a new better piece of gear, and now these players can earn those pieces as well.


While I still have and issue with, and seriously question giving valor as a reward for dailies as stated above, I do really love the idea that it will mean more daily quests and options. I dislike that it standardizes the rewards for instances, raids, and now daily quests, which means that you can get the same gear by either hard (raid), medium (instance), or easy (dailies) content.  The gear should be different...  Oh well, I’ll stop beating that dead horse (for now).

A huge positive is that removing the 25 quest limit opens up so many more options for both players and the developers.  Neither are pigeon holed into managing a small number of quests.  Players will have more to do, more options to play with, and more game play available.  Developers will have more options in how to provide content, how to tell stories, and how to progress each faction.

I will be especially pleased if over time we see Blizzard developers create more story driven content through the use of daily quest chains like they did with the Firelands daily quests.  If this is done even for just 2 or 3 factions, it would be a huge hit for myself and many others.  Over time the dailies become just that dailies, but when you first start working through a system like the Firelands one, you get excited to log on each day to try to get to the next stage, to see what happens, to see how you can help out, and to earn the next reward.

Overall, I think that removing the limit is very positive change, and I am really looking forward to all the new dailies and options that they provide. I know they are not for everyone, but if they are not for you, then just don’t do them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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