Another Guild to consider; 1st Fist of Light:

Formed in February of 2000 while playing EverQuest, 1st Fist of Light is a group of mature well rounded gamers who play role playing games online. We RP, PvP (not a requirement of course), we pretty much do it all. Please don't confuse our RP'ing with chat room RP, as thats just not really what we're into. We treat RPG's (MMO's included) as we would any table top role playing game. Alot of our members are seasoned and experienced table top gamers, but we don't care if you're brand new to the concept of role playing, or even if joining us is you're first time. We're very much open and welcoming. We put our friendships and bonds with one another first before all else. That's what is important to us and what we feel defines the Fist at it's core. To us that is more precious then any piece of loot, level, or some pixel on a character.

You can read all about them Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016