Journeys in Cantha, Parts 1 & 2

When the first official 24 hours of Factions were over, Samyel tore herself away from the game to give you her first reflections.

Alas, I miscalculated my time, and missed getting my prize for playing in the Day of the Tengu event. Yup, I too have a stack of Naga Fangs in my inventory and nothing to show for it. Oh well. Maybe next year. I still had a lot of fun exploring new areas and doing new quests. It's like getting a brand-new game—that you already know how to play.

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Then continue on to Day Two of Journeys in Cantha!

Samyel talks more about the new-found joys of Factions, mini-pets, PAX, and chatting with Gaile Gray in Kaineng. I'm having a great time playing Factions, and I hope you are too!

With a little help from guild mates (okay, they pretty much carried me) I made it through the second mission, and arrived on the Cantha mainland. Level 13 and wearing the starting armor, I cowered behind my level 20 henchmen and made the short run to Kaineng Center.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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