Take-Two dips it's feet in the MMO market.

2K games, the publishing arm of Take-Two interactive, has agreed to publish Champions Online for Cryptic Studios. Well, probably less agreed to, but begged to. Cryptic Studios originally planned on publishing the game themselves, but a little bit of push from someone who actually has experience in that sort of thing is never bad.

When the game was first announced, Cryptic said it intended to self-publish. It seems that Take-Two, keen to take its first step into the lucrative massively multiplayer market, made Cryptic an offer it couldn't refuse.

Or perhaps Cryptic, original developer of City of Heroes, was just in a huff over Microsoft cancelling its planned Marvel-licensed superhero MMO - and it's now decided it's time to move on.

2K president Christoph Hartmann is certainly happy about the deal with Cryptic. "Given stellar pedigree and amazing grasp of the MMO genre, we are confident that Champions Online will deliver an innovative and exciting action MMO experience to gamers," he said.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016