In the beginning there was Dekaron....

Before Acclaim scooped it up from Korea, 2Moons was actually known as Dekaron. Personally, I almost like the old name better. GameAlmighty has posted a preview of 2Moons (which recently entered open beta) and they have a fairly general review of the game posted for readers to skim through.

I could tell within one minute that 2Moons was originally Korean by simply walking through the initial town and catching a glimpse of the plaza: it was literally packed with players who had all initiated a vendor status, offering their wares to whoever bothers to investigate. World of Warcraft solved this visual disaster by offering up an Auction House, but 2Moons stays true to its eastern roots and continues to think it acceptable to have hundreds of players all standing next to one another with text-based signposts hovering over their heads, all luring you to check out their inventory.

Read the whole thing here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016