Going for the throat, 2Moons style!

MMORPG.com has plopped a Q&A with 2Moons Assistant Director, Rusel DeMaria, down on their websited. The questions are your standard sort, consisting of "Why did you decide for an over 17 rating?" and "How do pay-to-play versus free-to-play compare?", but the entire Q&A is a decent read for those interested in 2Moons.

That's an interesting question, since there is quite a range of free online MMOs. Honestly, if a free MMO is popular and finds an audience, it's good. Whether I personally like it is irrelevant. There are lots of "low tech" MMOs that have dedicated followings, and I think that's just great. If you are asking about 2Moons, I think it compares pretty well with the pay-per-month games. Not only is it already a fun, well-designed Diablo-esque MMORPG, with great graphics and action, a stable engine and a deep storyline, but it's constantly improving and adding new areas and features.

Check out the whole interview by clicking here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016