Why are we so excited about nothing?

Most companies go to conventions to show off what they are doing. 38 Studios, being 38 Studios, showed up to the San Diego ComicCon to show off nothing. They did make one announcement that made the crowd go wild: They're going to release the actual name of their code-named project "Copernicus" and launch a game specific website for all the information coming about it!

And they're going to do it... about this time next year!.... Huh? Wait a minute here. So you got everyone excited just to tell everyone that you're not yet going to tell us the information that you haven't told us yet, but we knew would be coming in the sometime distant future?

I know they have big names on board, and those big names say that great things are happening. I just don't see why people are letting themselves get led on a string over something which at this point hasn't passed the vaporware test. Not that I think Copernicus will be vaporware, just that it -could- be.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016