For the many people who have spent so much time on forums both on websites and on Blizzard, complaining about the impossible 45 min Baron run, you are very wrong. To test out whether or not this latest heated topic was really true or not, I took the test and got together some guildies (Darkbeastman 60 Druid was what I was playing). Please note that the group didn't consist of tier 1 or 2 epics, just blues and good ZG item or two. The run lasted 41 min, had 0 deaths and was actually quite fun to do.

Please click here to see a post made shortly after the success.

As well, here is just an example of the extent some people go to bash the perfectly fine, and FUN quest!

Yeah, so, like the 40th attempt on this and its still frigging ridiculous. I'm sick of this run. It's downright insulting that you give us a shot at new decent gear and you make it infinitely harder to get than any existing epic gear, while claiming that it's supposed to be for more casual players. I swear I'll have a full tier 1 set anyway before I ever even come close to finishing this stupid run. I understand that in theory this run could be easy but it's not possible for any kind of pickup group, not even within a guild. I don't have a core group of 5 ppl that I play with every day, so where does that leave me? Please fix this so it's like somewhat possible for a good group to do. And before anyone flames me, yes I'm in a raiding guild and yes I've successfully done many insanely hard quests like the doomguard quest and yet, it's beyond me how 5 people that haven't played with each other every day for like a year are supposed to accomplish 45 min baron. I for one give up till this is nerfed. I'll be focusing on pvp gear and real epics. ~ Magnon

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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