The Garrison Shipyard seems to be sinking at an alarming rate. An addition to your Garrison, the Shipyard was one of the most exciting features when 6.2 was announced. However, now that it has actually been implemented in game, most players will agree that it is barely treading water. What went wrong with this watery extension to your Garrison? Here are the top 5 things players find that are not shipshape with the Shipyard:

Introductory Missions

The introductory missions for the Shipyard were a hot mess. When Patch 6.2 first released, players flocked to the Iron Docks in a horde to complete these quests. Forget completing the Bonus Objective here, just completing the needed quests was next to impossible.

If that wasn't enough of a turn off, fast forward to today and things aren't much better. The crowds have gone, however, the spawn times are still amped up to an alarmingly high rate. If the mess of mobs was manageable, the glitches and bugs found here are not. Take for example the crazed grappling line that you shimmy down only to have it seize you and pull you back to where you started from, over, and over, and over again. Most players found themselves thankful to leave this place behind.

Ship Equipment Blueprints

If there is one thing players universally hate it is grinding and the Shipyard is chalk full of it. The worst perpetrator is Ship Equipment Blueprints. These little beauties add helpful equipment upgrades to your ships, much like Followers get extra abilities. This makes missions have higher chances of success and lowers the probability that you will lose ships.

The problem is, these upgrades aren't learned, they are farmed. You see, Ship Equipment Blueprints are spread out across Tanaan Jungle rares, quests, and raid mobs. Even worse, they are not guaranteed to drop. This means that is you want to win at the Shipyard, there is a lot of grinding in your future, a prospect that very few players appreciate.

Resource Sink

If you thought you sunk a lot of resources into your Garrison, you haven't seen anything yet. The Shipyard is 100 times worse. With hefty fees to replace ships and add equipment, not to mention the initial fees to open the place up; you will find yourself blowing through your Garrison Resources faster than ever before.

With your Garrison cache taking 3 days to replenish to full and having to focus on Oil missions rather than those that award Garrison Resources, players just can't seem to keep up. Most find themselves giving up on the Shipyard entirely, falling far behind, or being forced to install a Trading Post just to meet the demands of this resource hog.

Followers 2.0

The Shipyard was a titillating idea at first. The idea of waging war on the open waters was intriguing to many players. That is until you realize that you wouldn't actually be seeing any of the action. Instead, you would be sitting on the sidelines, clicking buttons, while you directed your “Ships” on various missions.

Does this sound familiar? It should. You have been doing the same thing inside your Garrison since the beginning of the expansion. Ships are nothing more than glorified Followers and Naval Missions are exactly like the missions you complete inside your Garrison, just with a different theme. Worse, there are now 2 Mission Tables you need to check when you log in and to cause further head-desk action, they are miles apart.

Long Missions

While your Garrison Missions tend to be a mix of short and long missions, the Shipyard does not offer the luxury. Instead, many mission take 2 or 3 days and players are forced to sit around and wait for them to finish. Then at the end of the time period you may fail the mission and lose your ships as well.

Even if you manage to succeed, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Shipyard mission rewards are lackluster at best. Excellent rewards could help offset the time and resources players need to devote to this new Garrison feature. However, if the rewards remain as underwhelming as they currently are, players will continue to be frustrated well into the future.

That wraps up our picks for the top 5 things players find that are not shipshape with the Shipyard. What do you think about the Garrison Shipyard? What problems do you see with this new Garrison building? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or on our brand spanking new forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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