What Do You Want Most?

By Ralsu

18, 2007

In November of last year, Shayalyn posted href="">a poll
asking readers eager to play Vanguard what they'd want to see in class
guides on our site. While the poll showed winners and losers, the
difference between the lowest-ranked items (solo guides and gear
guides) and the highest-ranked (racial stats and spell stats) was not
that large, roughly 17%. Basically, our readers told us that every
thing was important.

Fast forward a year, and now we are at a point where I am curious to
know your thoughts again. We've been publishing style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard content about 5-7 times per week for
the last 10 months. We've definitely got quantity over any other site
around the Internet. And I feel like most of the stuff is of high
quality. But none of that matters if it's the wrong stuff!

I can't promise that we'll completely change our way of life around
here, but let us know what you think and we'll try to work on some
things. As always, I'll keep in mind the silent majority who is too
lazy, too scared, and too uncomfortable to register for our forums to
vote. For sure, we Community Managers will at least have a discussion
about the results of this poll and see if it changes our approach.

Class Content

This was the area the first Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community Manager
(Lady Sirse) promised our readers we'd work on most. When Shayalyn took
over, she assigned that role to me, and I have worked on it since. With
15 classes, it hasn't been easy. We set our sights on the following
things for each class:

  • Class
  • Creation guides (levels 1-10)
  • 11-20 Progression guides (like the one for the WAR)
  • Spell lists
  • Class-specific quest guides (SHM patron quests, NEC form quest)

Quest Guides

It's always a good idea to have some href="">quest guides.
Changul and I started some, but after she left the site I lost my quest
partner. Shayalyn ran the United Races of Thestra quests on a Cleric
and wrote about it. Machail has been doing the Pantheon of the Ancients
series. He's looking ahead to Coterie Infineum Sanctuary and some upper
level quests. Someguy gave us a nice guide to Kalendra's Coven.


Long ago, Shay decided that we would forgo extensive coverage of the
crafting sphere to focus on classes. Besides, Vanguard Crafters seems
to have it covered extremely well, and it is one of the few sites where
developers still post. We did a href="">Beginner's
Guide and a handful of others.


See Crafting above, only insert VGTact as the site. We did a href="">Beginner's
Guide and stopped there.

Armor Project

Since the gear in Vanguard is
so cool, Shay conceived of the href="">Armor
Project. These pages show the stats of the gear and a picture of a
character wearing it.

Monster Project

Blown away by the cool mobs in the game, I once suggested the concept
of the href="">Monster
Project to Shayalyn. It was slow to start but is taking off now.
These pages show some of the cool mobs in Telon and tell a bit about
them (level, dots, location).

Blogs & Editorials

We really consider opinion pieces to be of low value to our readers. We
figure that everyone has an opinion and that you want some hard data.
Are we right? I seem to get a lot of responses to href="">my blogs (now turned
into the weekly newsletter). I've had to trim it back to once per week
so that I can get out some other content.

Screen Shot of the Week

More than once, I have had a forum poster suggest we display a screen
shot of the week. Everyone likes eye candy. But how much do you like
it? Would you rather see it than one of the other types of content

Now it's your turn. What content
should the Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer site make its focus?
style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(160, 184, 216);">
style="text-align: center; background-color: rgb(160, 184, 216);"> style="font-weight: bold;">VOTE

What Content Do You Want Most?

  • Class Content - Leveling/Progression Guides
  • Class Content - Spell Lists
  • Class Content - Class-specific Quests
  • Quest Guides
  • Crafting Guides
  • Diplomacy Guides
  • Armor Project
  • Monster Project
  • Blogs/Editorials
  • Screen Shot of the Week
style="text-align: center; background-color: rgb(160, 184, 216);"> href="">VOTE HERE
(voting ends 9/30/07)

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